A010001 Desktop Swivel Stand

USD $113.25

This Convenient “lazy-Susan” style rotating swivel stand allows for good visibility and access when measuring club-heads. It reduces fatigue and improves productvity.

A010002 Calibration block for all 010xxx Lie and Loft Spec Gauges

USD $99

A calibration standard designed for verifying the settings and geometrical accuracy of all our 010xxx lie and loft measuring gauge and any other measuring gauge that’s built around our standard. This calibration standard is CNC machined from Aluminum and is hard anodized to minimize wear and tear. The calibration standard has 10 degrees of loft and 60 degrees of lie.

A010100 Professional Lie & Loft Measuring Gauge

USD $1982.75

A professional heavy duty golf clubhead measuring gauge used by casting houses and OEM manufacturers to specify lie and loft angle, hosel offset, face progression, face angle, bulge, roll, and hosel to sole length measurements - on both woods and irons (where applicable).

A010107 Auditor Digital Lie & Loft Gauge

USD $3157

This HDI, Heavy Duty Industrial gauge is built on the same frame as the standard analogue model and is the result of an incessant drive towards greater production efficiencies and tighter manufacturing specifications.

A010141 HTS Length Gauge Attachment can be used with any of the 010xxx gauges

USD $92.75

The hosel to sole (HTS) measurement is an important specification used in clubhead analysis. The HTS gauge can be used in conjunction with lie and loft measuring gauges and clubhead CG locators.

A010142 Hosel Rod Gauges
Set of 5 (.335, .350, .370, .395 and .410)

USD $59

Precision-turned and ground control rods for accurately mounting un-shafted wood, iron and putter heads in lie and loft measuring gauges.

This is a must-have tool for referencing the shaft center-line, which is essential for accurately measuring loft, lie, hosel offset, and face progression. All common tip sizes are included in the set. Works with most lie and loft measuring gauges. The set includes rods suitable for .335, .350, .370, .395, and .410. Holding stand included.

The New Standard in Club Lie & Loft Measurement

A010220 Ultimate Lie & Loft Measuring Gauge

USD $1905

A lie and loft measuring gauge optimized to account for the latest design trends and specifications driving the development of oversized drivers. The loft and face angle gauge were completely redesigned to permit the "probes" to be placed at specific points across the club face, allowing loft and face angle measurements to be made that account for roll and bulge.

Data Collection Software included

A010220D Auditor Ultimate Digital Lie & Loft Measuring Gauge

USD $2650

The Designer’s Digital Lie & Loft Measuring Gauge addresses the clubhead designer, quality control technician and professional club fitter’s need for speed, accuracy and the ability to capture and save clubhead measurements for analysis.

A010331 Precision Lie & Loft Measuring Gauge

USD $412

Built with an eye for simplicity and refined for over two decades, this gauge is rugged, precise and easy to use. It Offers great value to clubmakers who need to measure clubhead specifications occasionally to a good degree of accuracy on virtually any conforming Driver, Hybrid, Iron, Wedge or Putter.

A010335 Clubmakers Lie & Loft Measuring Gauge

USD $576

A lie and loft measuring gauge for fitting labs and studios. This is a highly functional and easy to use instrument built around the latest trends in clubhead design. It can manage dimensionally non-conforming clubheads with ease.

A010400 Clubmaker's Lie and loft Gauge

USD $225

The Apprentice spec gauge is based on the clubmaker's spec gauge and was developed as a training aid to equip students taking golf management and club-making courses as part of their curriculum. The apprentice spec gauge offers the same level of accuracy as the clubmaker’s design but does away with the shaft slider and the adjustment on the face height apron.

A010411 Auditor Apprentice Lie & Loft gauge

USD $155

A simple and functional lie and loft gauge that offers the dedicated hobbyists the means to survey a whole set of clubs with reasonable accuracy. This gauge is suitable for both right and left handed woods, hybrids, irons,and putters. This gauge measures: lie, loft, face angle, face progression and Hosel offset.

A010500 Auditor Rule 60 lie and loft guage

USD $2330

Lie and loft gauge specimen used by Golf's governing bodies and some OEM's to explore golf club head specifications sequentially rather than concurrently. Sequencing club head specifications allows for the measurement of lie, loft and face angle independently of each other while the head is manipulated to assume the most advantageous position specific to each variable.

A010601 Loft Angle Gauge with 2 1/2 inch radius

USD $25

The 2 1/2 inch protractor makes measuring loft a snap while the club is secured in a measuring gauge. The 2 1/2 inch radius better accommodates the larger clubhead sizes more commonly used in today's designs.

A010602 Protractor with Face Height Gauge

USD $28

Gauge measures face-to-sole angle dimensions of all clubheads including woods, hybrids, irons and putters. Sole measurements in centimeters. All stainless steel construction.

A010610 Pocket Lie & Loft Gauge

USD $20.50

A compact and economical hand-held protractor for measuring the lie and loft angle on club heads. Great for also measuring the hosel exit point on bore-through designs.

A010616 Economy desk top lie and loft gauge

USD $65

This is the most economical way to measure the most important clubhead specs. The gauge is capable of measuring loft, lie, face progression, offset and sole bounce on all types of clubheads - both right-hand and left-hand.

A010618 Tournament Lie & Loft Gauge

USD $230

The Golf Mechanix Tournament lie and loft measuring gauge is designed for the golf professional working both on and off the golf course, where most lie and loft gauges costing hundreds of dollars more are too clunky and not practical enough to carry around.

A010619 Universal Tournament Lie and Loft Gauge

USD $260

The Universal Lie & loft gauge distinguishes itself from the Tournament gauge with its slightly larger frame and longer slider needed for working around big drivers. Lie and loft angles are measured using four contact points straddling the bulge and roll curvature in the plane and at the center of the club-face. While this method does not allow the face angle to be compensated for when loft is measured, it is still adequate for pin-pointing weaknesses associated with trajectory and distance.

A010700 Maltby Bounce angle gauge

USD $480

A classic bounce angle gauge designed by Ralph Maltby and refreshed by Golf Mechanix with permission. This version has all the functionality of the original design to which we've added a few more practical features, turning this gauge into a complete wedge customization and design work station.

A010710 Compact Bounce Angle Gauge

USD $72

A must-have tool for custom fitting short irons, specialty wedges, and utility clubs. Measures bounce and dig angle, sole width, and leading edge height. Compact design with magnetic base. Easy to use. Accurate to within 0.5 degrees.

A010900 AUDiTOR RII Clubhead Dimensioning Gauge

USD $3038

The AUDiTOR RII Clubhead Dimensioning Gauge was designed in accordance with the latest USGA and Royal and Ancient Rules of Golf Appendix II, governing the conformance of clubheads. The AUDiTOR RII is a state-of-the-art gauge that enables a quick and precise dimensioning of woods in one easy setup. Please inquire for availability and leadtime.