A020900 Auditor Golf Club MPS

USD $1,376.00

A revolutionary and labor saving swing weight scale designed to absolete multiple quality control steps for clubs comming off the assembly line. The Auditor MPS captures swing weight, Total weight, club length, and CG location in under 30 seconds and can send the data to a barcode printer too! (laser not included)

A020711 Professional Digital Swing Weight Scale

USD $340.00

A derivation of our highly successful OEM digital swing weight scale. This new design offers accuracy, speed, and versatility at an exceptional price. With precision measurements to 0.3 SW-PT.

Barcode printer ready!

A020711-HD Heavy Duty Digital Swing Weight Scale

USD $592.25

The Auditor HD Digital Swing Weight Scale is designed for cellular golf club assembly units in need of quick and accurate swing weight measurements at critical stages of the assembly process. This production model has quality control functions that are easy to setup and operate.

A020310 Pro-Shop Swing Weight Scale

USD $113.25

The Pro-Shop Swing Weight Scale is designed with the retail golf store environment in mind. It features superb accuracy and robust construction. Measures swing weight and golf club weight in grams and ounces.

A020320 Auditor Classic Swing Weight Scale

USD $144.25

The Auditor Classic Swing Weight Scale is a virtual icon for custom clubmaking. No other scale on the market today offers better form and function in a classic design.

A020200 Beam Balance Swing Weight Scale

USD $65.00

A simple and accurate swing weight scale for the casual clubmaker. Measures total weight and swing weight accurately to within a 1/2 swing weight point.

A190400 48 Inch Ram-Rod for Steel and Graphite Shafts (full set)

USD $15.50

This 48 inch ram-rod is perfect for packing cork and lead weight down the shaft. Also ideal for the occasional ramming of stubborn clubheads that will not easily come off shafts. Hardened spring steel wire will not bend, break or kink.

A190430 Grip Cap Weight Chute

USD $10.25

Built The Grip Cap Weight Chute is a handy little tool that permits down-the-shaft weighting without removing the grip.