A030125-HD Pneumatic Frequency Machine

USD $736.50

A Brand new semi-automated frequency analyser design built around our super stable and highly successful load cell technology which has driven our line of reference analysers for the past 2 decades. Key design features of this new development were driven for the most part by the shaft manufacturer's need for speed and reliability when testing shafts coming off the production line. We've also integrated several small refinements into the design demanded by advanced clubmakers heavily vested into shaft customization powered by proprietary shaft databases built around advanced shaft profiling systems (APS)

A030225-HD Heavy Duty Optometrix Frequency Analyzer

USD $736.50

The Auditor Heavy Duty Optometrix Frequency Analyzer is an invaluable tool for high-volume clubmakers used to consistently measure shaft frequency of both assembled clubs and raw shafts. Other frequency machines measure by reflected light which often results in missed or inconsistent frequency readings. By using a laser as the primary light source, measurements are not affected by ambient or reflected light, shaft color or shaft material. A heavy duty base protects the electronic components of the analyzer.

Calibrate 6 Instruments with one Standard

A030010 Clubmaker's Standard Calibration Stick

USD $108.25

Encompassing all the calibration standards a club-maker needs to keep his instruments in top condition; We’ve designed this unique standard that provides base measurements for Mass, Frequency, 1st and 2nd Moment of inertia, length and spring rate!

A030120 Reference Frequency Analyzer

USD $546.00

Top of the range frequency analyzer measures shaft oscillations up to 1,000 CPM with 0.1 CPM accuracy. Easy-to-use interactive parameter setup, averaging function, cycle count mode, and more. Built-in analog and digital computer interface. Constant pressure 5 inch clamp with torque-limiting knob screw.

A030125 Frequency Profiling Analyser

USD $646.00

This is the manual version of the APS Heavy Duty frequency analyzer 030125-HD. We’ve replaced the pneumatic cylinders with our torque limited knobs so that clubmakers that do not have access to an air compressor can still perform advanced shaft zone profiling analysis using our new Frequency Auditor engine and the optional zoning beam.

A030400-000 Frequency Tip Weights

Industry standard frequency tip weights, precision machined and balanced, placing the centre of gravity at the shaft tip vertical axis to eliminate the cantilever effect which can offset CPM readings by few points. The lighter 205 gram tip weight is machined from steel while the heavier weights ranging from 215 through 615 grams are machined from solid brass.

A030400 Frequency tip weight 205 grams USD $25.75
A030400-215G Frequency tip weight 215 grams USD $25.75
A030400-230G Frequency tip weight 230 grams USD $25.75
A030400-240G Frequency tip weight 240 grams USD $25.75
A030400-255G Frequency tip weight 255 grams USD $25.00
A030400-285G Frequency tip weight 285 grams USD $25.75
A030400-454G Frequency tip weight 454 grams USD $31.00

The ideal tool for visualizing shaft FLO

A030405 Frequency Tip Weight with Built-In Laser

USD $46.25

Finally, a perfectly balanced, 205 gram, frequency tip weight with a built-in laser and an internal long-life CR2 battery. This handy and easy-to-use tool works great for floing shafts before assembly. Mount the tip weight on the shaft and turn it on. Twang the shaft to start oscillations and observe the pattern. Rotate shaft to align the spine in the plane.

A030406 Fit Over Adapter Spining laser

USD $65.00

This standard model has a tough Nylon collet and is as effective as the HD model. This is best suited for the occasional clubmaker. The assembly weighs 205 grams. Rings and battery included

A030406-HD Fit Over Adapter spining laser HD

USD $87.20

An original idea we turned into reality that can potentially save a lot of time and headaches for any clubmaker wanting to FLO shafts fitted with OEM adapters! These two unique models fit over shaft adapters and bare shaft tips using a large capacity collet that is hand tightened to securely fasten the laser to the shaft with no backlash. Rings and battery included.

A030407 Chucked frequency laser

USD $70.00

A Chucked Tip weight and FLO tracer featuring our new stackable weights that simulate the load applied to the shaft when the head is installed. The simulated weight can also provide trimmed shaft frequency prior to assembly which can be a major plus when building frequency matched clubs. The chucked tip weight can be mounted on shafts with a tip diameter not exceeding 13mm or.510". 205 grams base weight. Rings and battery included.

A030420 Shaft Rotation Dial Indicator

USD $30.75

An essential tool in the toolbox of clubmakers interested in spine detection and orientation. Clips onto the butt of the shaft to give accurate 360 degree shaft positioning, in one-degree increments.

A190440 Shaft Tip drilling chuck and frequency tip weight

USD $31.00

Universal Shaft Chuck is designed to be used as both a frequency analyzer weight and a shaft tip I.D. drill guide for unclogging epoxy when reshafting clubs. The 3.6 mm drill bit is included.