A070206 Golf Club MOI Speed Match System

USD $546.00

The preferred method of advanced clubmakers to custom-fit golf clubs accurately, with a high success rate. Moment of inertia matching of golf clubs is based on Newton's second law of motion applied to rotational dynamics. The result is a set of golf clubs that maximizes feel and performance for golfers of all skill levels. Auditor MOI Speed Match software included!

A070605 R&A and USGA Golf club Head CT Pendulum

USD $6,695.00

Used by major clubhead manufacturers to test for a "Spring Like Effect" of a clubhead striking face - whether woods, hybrids and irons - as specified by the R&A/USGA testing protocol for the determination of a clubhead's Characteristic time (CT). The AUDiTOR CT distinguishes itself from similar devices by the precision and quality of its build and a second to none customer service. Whether used on the production floor or in the lab, the AUDiTOR CT will provide peace of mind test after test. This machine is sold to R&A/USGA license holders only. Machine ships ready to use. Light assembly required.

A070500 Precision Golf Club Head CG Locator

USD $5,608.25

A specialist instrument for locating and measuring the CG coordinates of any golf clubhead in three axes, to within 0.5 mm. Also measures the CG angle of the club head. High precision electronics with advanced data collection software included. Please inquire for availability and lead-time.

A070305 Auditor Inertia Chronograph

USD $4,068.50

The first multiple-axis moment of inertia measuring instrument specifically designed for the golf industry. The AUDiTOR Inertia Chronograph is the only instrument to quickly and accurately measure MOI about 6 axes of rotation, in less than 15 minutes!

A070400 Golf Clubhead CG Marker

USD $37.00

The best way to analyze perimeter weighting and off-center hits forgiveness of both woods and irons. Pinpoints the center of gravity of any clubhead within a millimeter.

A070410 Levelling Golf Clubhead CG Marker with


The Club-head Center of Gravity (CG) locator can be used to locate the center of gravity position of woods, irons and putters on the vertical plane (face) and horizontal plane (sole) of the clubhead, both of which are very strong predicators of a clubhead's launch tendencies.

A070800 R&A Golf Grip Scanner

USD $24,700.00

We’ve designed this Golf Grip Line Scanner to digitize the contour of golf grips for the purpose of investigating grip geometry and structure that may reveal features deemed non-conforming under the rules. While line scanners are nothing new, our design was build from the ground up using off the shelve components which we drove using software developed in house specifically for the purpose. This allowed us to deliver a lean and highly efficient system at a reasonable cost.

A070900 Ultra High Speed Groove Scanner

USD $35,000.00

Designed by special request for casting houses, to aid in the implementation of the R&A/USGA Clubhead Groove Conformance rule, the Auditor Ultra High Speed Groove Scanner integrates the best of the best non contact measurement devices and linear drive systems to achieve unmatched micron level accuracy at high speed. Easy to operate and setup thanks to the in-house designed custom control software. The operator can select from several scan modes, each of which is optimized for speed, accuracy, surface condition, planarity and more. Depending on the scanning method selected, scanning speeds of up to 1mm/s can be achieved resulting in a scan time ranging from 30~80s/clubhead.

A070910 Groove Scan Casting Kit

USD $386.25

Built according to the specifications of golf’s governing bodies (USGA and the R&A), the GolfMechanix manufactured Groove Scan Prepping Kit has been upgraded to make groove print analysis quick and easy.

A070920 Cutter Checker for R&A/USGA Conforming Grooves

USD $730.00

The GolfMechanix R&A/USGA Conforming Groove Profile Cutter Checker is designed for checking the width and angle of cutters used specifically for engraving grooves on clubheads. This easy to use precision microscope is an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive, cumbersome and difficult to use Shadowgraphs. This compact desktop device features a special chuck/blade holder that positions the blade flat in relation to the viewing angle, so it can be measured accurately on a high-resolution reticle with a precision of 0.01 mm and a magnification of 20x. A blur-removing sharp focus LED light, helps enhance edge contrast for added precision.

A070930 Contour Tracer Club Head Vise

USD $875.50

Designed by special request for casting houses to aid in the implementation of the R&A/USGA Club-Head Groove Conformance rule. This infinitely variable adjustment vise provides the level of flexibility and ease of use needed to secure the club head to be scanned under a stylus type contour tracer with a high level of precision. Suitable for both woods & irons, including drivers and hybrids, the vise gives the operator all the control needed to position, align and clamp the club-head in one easy setup, thanks to the visual alignment aids built into the design without interfering with the stylus escapement direction.