A170206 Gripping Vise Clamp

USD $70.00

Safely clamps any golf shaft for gripping. Thumb knob quickly and easily adjusts the clamp pressure for use with light weight graphite shafts. Comes with a bench mount bracket that can be removed, rotated 90 degrees and reinstalled for use in a vise.

A170125 Clubmaker's Ultimate Pneumatic Shaft Vise Clamp

USD $257.50

This nifty micro gripper and shaft vise bolts onto the transformer stand or a workbench top. The air vise is joy stick actuated and pressure can be adjusted as needed. The anti-burst grip blow out duster assists with grip installation and removal.

Powerful 500lb Action

A170100 Lever Action Clamping Vise

USD $72.00

This is the ideal shaft clamping vise. Suitable for trimming, gripping and other repairs that require a third hand! Powerful 500lb lever action toggle clamp and vulcanized rubber jaws. Good for tips and butts. Hooks up to bench vise.

A100011 Transformer Universal Portable gripping stand

USD $219.00

We've long recognized that clubs can be gripped every which way a clubmaker desires and with the tools he has. This usually a matter of personal preference , level of experience and surrounding settings… We've created the "Transformer" portable gripping stand to allow clubmakers of all skill levels to build their own "dream" gripping station using our large selection of compatible bolt-on gripping vises, tools and accessories.

A100100 Auto aligning gripping jig for woods and irons

USD $103

A quick and easy way to grip golf clubs. With this auto aligning gripping jig. Best value for money when compared with similar devices on the market today.

A100605 Delux gripping vise

USD $129

For the DIY’er and the clubmaker who likes to keep it simple, this module has a robust lateral grip vise, a build-up tape dispenser, solvent recycling catch pan and all the small hand tools needed for re-gripping. This gripping vise can also be held in a bench vise or bolted onto a workbench

A100650 Compact Pneumatic Speed Gripper

USD $520

A stand by bare-bone industrial pneumatic gripping station that can be installed anywhere on a production line quickly to speed up assembly. Bolts onto a workbench or our transformer stand.

A100726 Shop Master Gripping Station

USD $473.75

Designed for high traffic outlets and the smaller produc􀆟on line; This self contained gripping station is packed with productivity features refined over two decades serving customers worldwide. This gripping station offers 50% more work space built into an ergonomically adjustable steel frame with a comfortable form factor where all the essential components are logically positioned and within arm’s reach. All the small hand tools needed for re-gripping are in the box including the golf club rack with the non-slip mat!
* 31kg @ 68lbs

A100732 Bench Mount Professional Gripping Station

USD $220.00

Conceived for the enthusiast and budding professional, this time proven value packed and well refined design offers all the functionality needed to grip and re-grip golf clubs to a professional standard. Compact and with minimal assembly requirements; This gripping station can be installed in not time and ships with all the basic accessories needed to start gripping straight out of the box!
* 7.5kg @ 16.5lbs

A100855 Production Pro Gripping Station

USD $1,101

Engineered from the ground up for small manufacturing work cells, assembler and the high volume clubmaker; This self contained air powered gripping station ticks all the boxes when it comes down to functionality, high output, precision, and a low operating cost. Self standing and fully adjustable; the frame has a comfortable form factor where all the components are logically positioned within arm’s reach for either right handed or Left handed operation. The broad work top with the reposition-able side trays and integrated club rack help minimize clutter.
* 54kg @ 119lbs