A110210 Geared Grip Tape Dispenser

USD $88

A robust grip tape dispenser with an automatic backup tape pick-up mechanism. It uses a set of gears to drive both the main spool and the pick up spool so that the back up tape does not get entangled.

A110211 Geared Grip Tape Dispenser with Buildup Tape Spool

USD $117

Built identically to the standard geared grip tape dispenser, this model adds a second spool to dispense grip build up tape, eliminating the need for a second grip tape dispenser.

A110220 Metered Tape Dispenser

USD $95

The only grip tape dispenser that dispenses the desired length of grip tape accurately each and every time. The geared mechanism dispenses grip tape from 1” to 11” in length. The back up tape is automatically spooled leaving fingers dry and clean

A110221 Metered Grip Tape Dispenser with Dual Spool

USD $122

This dual purpose, cost saving grip tape dispenser features both the metered grip tape dispensing capability of the base model and a second spool for dispensing build up tape, eliminating the need for a second grip tape dispenser.

A110860 Hi Power Compact Gripping Laser

USD $285

A universal grip aliment laser powered by two industrial grade diodes producing a super bright trace that projects down the shaft centreline to aid with grip alignment. The pod installs directly on top of the vise clamp just ew inches above the grip with the trace projecting fore and aft along the length of the club.

A170800 Ratchet Vise Clamp

USD $98

A handy ratchet vise clamp that automatically adjusts to any size shaft and pressure level. The Jam Cam is ideal for securing shafts and clubs for gripping, cutting, etc.

A170206 Gripping Vise Clamp

USD $66.5

Safely clamps any golf shaft for gripping. Thumb knob quickly and easily adjusts the clamp pressure for use with light weight graphite shafts. Comes with a bench mount bracket that can be removed, rotated 90 degrees and reinstalled for use in a vise.

A170100 Lever Action Clamping Vise

USD $68

This is the ideal shaft clamping vise. Suitable for trimming, gripping and other repairs that require a third hand! Powerful 500lb lever action toggle clamp and vulcanized rubber jaws. Good for tips and butts. Hooks up to bench vise.

A110100 Grip Installer

USD $7.8

An essential re-gripping tool for replacing worn-out grips and installing new ones over large butt shafs . The installer stretches the grip mouth evenly and guides it over the taped shaft. A must-have tool to prevent grips from splitting during installation.

A110300 Grip Tape Remover

USD $11.9

A tape scraper that easily peels off old grip tape on steel and graphite shafts. A special bull-nose blade prevents gouging the shaft! This is not a throw away grip tape remover and does not require sharpening as the blade can be discarded & replaced!

A110320 Tape Removal Shaft Holder

USD $9.75

The Tape Removal Shaft Holder is a device designed to hold the shaft in place and prevent damage to shafts during tape removal. One end inserts into the shaft, while the other is secured in a vise. The plastic safety stopper helps prevent the knife blade from breaking or losing its edge.

A110521 Professional Grip Knife

USD $7.7

The best of the best utility knife for removing old grips, plastic collars, etc. The compound configuration positions the hand at the correct angle over the work. This allows firm and precise control of the blade while cutting, especially when pushing away from the body to prevent injury.

A110710 Solvent Recovery Pan

USD $14

A gripping pan that has a wide brim, slanted sides and a deep bottom to prevent splatters and spills and helps with recycling expensive solvents to the last drop! This pan hooks up in seconds under the ledge of a workbench or in a clamping vise. It is held securely in place by a slotted metal bracket that makes installation and storage a snap. The gripping pan won’t sag or tip over like a paint tray or liner.

A110730 Grip Dip Solvent Recovery Pan

USD $24.5

A Solvent recovery pan well suited for high volume gripping where the shaft butt is dipped directly into the solvent to wet the grip tape. This is a potentially huge time saver for the volume assembler. The deep and narrow pan design is good for minimizing solvent use and the containement spill flaps double up as a cover to minimize evaporation when the unit is not in use.

A110800-12 12 Inch Classic Blade Style Grip Remover

USD $17.43

Designed as an alternative to using solvents or compressed air, the Classic Blade Grip Remover allows club-makers to reuse rubber or composition grips. The classic blade grip remover features a channel to funnel solvent under the grip to loosen the tape. The channel also strengthens the blade to give some leverage when working the grip loose. There are no sharp edges that may cut or slice through the grip. Note: The Classic Blade Grip Remover may not work well with cord grips or Winn grips, grips that have underlistings or grips that do not stretch.

A110800-20 20 Inch Classic Blade Style Grip Remover

USD $35.5

This Classic 20" long grip installer is for removing those jumbo putter grips, similar to the Odyssey Super Stroke, Winn's Pistol Belly Grip and Ping AVS 17.

A110810-12 12 Inch Long Spring Rod Grip Remover

USD $19.34

This design is an alternative to using solvents or compressed air, allowing club-makers to reuse rubber or composition grips. There are no sharp edges, which prevents damage to grips.

A110810-20 20 Inch Long Spring Rod Grip Remover for Round Putter Grips

USD $35.5

The Spring Rod Grip remover distinguishes itself from the blade style grip remover by its flexibility and edge to edge dual lifting action. Moving the rod in a figure eight motion with a slight solvent dip will help remove the grip with ease

A110850-UA Air Gripper

USD $39

The GOLFMECHANiX Air Gripper is designed to help you quickly install and safely uninstall grips. It features a transparent, removable, blow-out prevention tube with machined ridges for better handling. Original grips can be removed and preserved for re-installation without damage. Air compressor required. Universal adapter included.

A110915 Putter Grip Aligning Gauge

USD $39

The putter grip installation gauge is designed to assist in the proper installation of putter grips. It provides a visual reference for aligning the grip in relation to the putter top line so that the flat side of the putter is always alined with the target.

A260501 Solvent Dispenser

USD $25.20

Handy dispenser keeps chemicals such as mineral spirits, acetone, naptha, epoxy remover, and lacquer thinner from evaporating quickly and prevents dangerous spilling. A simple "tap" on the stopper/reservoir with a small towel, and the solvent pools to the top. Capacity 250 ml / 8.5oz