A140221 Double Bend Putter Shaft Alignment Jig RH/LH

USD $50.00

Originally designed by Bill Totton master clubmaker and former instructor at the Golfsmith, the double bend putter shaft alignment tool lets clubmakers install the shaft to the desired lie angle and shaft to face offset distance while keeping the face perfectly aligned to the target line. The offset of the double bent shaft which can range from 12~25 mm is first set on the gauge. The shaft is then rotated untill it touches the flange, ensuring the putter face is properly aligned.

Data Collection Software Includedd

A140300 Head to Shaft Drying Clip

USD $5.75

These head to shaft drying clips are used to keep spine-aligned and logo-aligned clubs together while the epoxy adhesive sets. Should the Club be knocked over or picked up before the epoxy has cured it will still set as intended when using the Drying Clips. Once the club head and shaft have been assembled with epoxy, position one clip over the shaft and the other clip over the hosel

A140210 Putter Alignment Stand

USD $51.50

Bill Totton design based on years of experience putting double bend shafted putters together. This stand is both an alignment jig and curing stand which can be used with putters, irons, and drivers.