A170120 Heavy Duty Shaft Vise

USD $103.00

A compact do-it-all shaft vise suitable for gripping, cutting shafts, shaft extraction, and much more; where holding the shaft securely is a must. Offered with three separate sets of rubber jaws: V-shape, round, and aluminum round. Bolts to a bench or vise.

A170800 Ratchet Vise Clamp

USD $103.00

A handy ratchet vise clamp that automatically adjusts to any size shaft and pressure level. The Jam Cam is ideal for securing shafts and clubs for gripping, cutting, etc.

A170206 Gripping Vise Clamp

USD $70.00

Safely clamps any golf shaft for gripping. Thumb knob quickly and easily adjusts the clamp pressure for use with light weight graphite shafts. Comes with a bench mount bracket that can be removed, rotated 90 degrees and reinstalled for use in a vise.

A170125 Clubmaker's Ultimate Pneumatic Shaft Vise Clamp

USD $257.50

This nifty micro gripper and shaft vise bolts onto the transformer stand or a workbench top. The air vise is joy stick actuated and pressure can be adjusted as needed. The anti-burst grip blow out duster assists with grip installation and removal.

A171300 CM Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

USD $113.25

The Clubmaker Multi-Purpose Bench Vise features a 180 degree swivel base to help clubmakers easily perform a variety of clubmaking tasks. Comes with three interchangeable jaws: (1) rubber V design for securing shaft tips, (2) rubber circular design for shaft butts, and (3) solid aluminum V for extracting broken shaft tip stubs.

A171200-00 Club maker's multipurpose vise Kit


At Golfmechanix we’ve realized long ago that your workbench is a valuable piece of real estate always in need of serious clutter control! We've re-engineered the common bench vise turning it into a multipurpose work center for carrying out all those mondaine clubmaking tasks that would otherwise require a plethora of small tools that always seem to end up scattered all over the workbench!

A170100 Lever Action Clamping Vise

USD $72.00

This is the ideal shaft clamping vise. Suitable for trimming, gripping and other repairs that require a third hand! Powerful 500lb lever action toggle clamp and vulcanized rubber jaws. Good for tips and butts. Hooks up to bench vise.

A170300 Constant Pressure Shaft Clamp

USD $20.00

The shaft clamp you need for handling super lightweight thin walled shafts. Torque limiting knob screw prevents the application of excessive clamping power prone to cracking shafts.

A170310 Dial Down Shaft Clamp

USD $13.00

The shaft clamp you need when nothing else will do. All aluminum construction. Dial-down clamping action. Good for steel and graphite shafts. Clamps tips, butts, and everything else in between!

A170400 Rubber Vise Pad

USD $12.25

Vulcanized non-marring rubber pads used for clamping club-heads in a vise. The rubber vise pads are also suitable for clamping golf shafts.

A170500 Small Aluminum Shaft Clamp

USD $18.50

A heavy-duty low profile shaft clamp specifically designed for shaft removal and tapping ferrules into place. Assorted hole sizes fit standard tip shafts. Features a quick open-and-close hinge for added convenience.

A170610 Pro Shaft Clamp

USD $31.00

The Pro Shaft Clamp grasps a full 3 inches of the shaft tip for a secure hold that will not let go. A great tool for many jobs requiring a secured shaft - particularly shaft removal.

A170711 Soft Rubber Shaft Clamp

USD $3.00

Solid rubber vise clamp secures shafts without damaging the chrome or graphite. Essential for many re-shafting and re-gripping procedures, and an innumerable other club repairs applications.

A170720 Metal Re-inforced Rubber Clamp

USD $10.25

Used around the shop to clamp golf shafts and clubs for repairs, the metal vise clamp is one of the most essential golf club repair tools. Unique design provides maximum clamping power.