A200320 Programable Epoxy Cure System 7

USD $692.25

Designed primarily for OEM golf club manufacturers for bench marking the suitability of structural epoxy adhesives to be used for shafting golf clubs in a production environment. The Auditor Omega Digital epoxy cure system provides both the control and accuracy needed to develop unique curing profiles that drastically cut down handling time between assembly steps without compromising optimal adhesive performance.

A200320-240V Programable Epoxy Cure System 7 240V

USD $692.25

A200323 Programable Epoxy Cure System 3

USD $496

A compact version of our Auditor Omega Epoxy curing rack, this unit offers all the features and advantages of the original design but with a smaller foot print and faster response time

A200323-240V Programable Epoxy Cure System 3 240V

USD 496

A200310 Epoxy Curing System

USD $490

The Golfmechanix epoxy cure system is a time and temperature controlled golf club curing rack designed to speed up the hardening of high strength 2 parts epoxy adhesives to full strength within minutes instead of hours especially on cold days or when ambient room temperature is below 20oC / 68oF.

A200310-240V Epoxy Curing System 240V

USD $490