A210907 Progressive Heavy Duty Shaft Extractor

USD $563.6

The Golfmechanix Progressive shaft extractor is a design engineered for maximum pulling power, with a low friction silky smooth stroking action, that provide positive feedback when extracting super light weight shafts and sophisticated shaft adapters.

A210906 Professional Shaft Extractor with Built-in Hosel Plate

USD $332.7

The GolfMechanix Professional Shaft Extractor is specifically aimed at the most demanding golf club repair shop that handles a large variety of clubhead designs. It features a very long overthrow that enables shaft extraction from long hosel bores, flat lie angles, and head volumes in excess of 460 cc.

A210116 Heavy Duty Compact Shaft Extractor

USD $195.75

The GolfMechanix shaft extractor built with industrial performance features is designed for the smaller shops, but is fully capable of handling the biggest jobs. Features a newly designed 3 inch clamp with non-marring rubber jaws and a T-handle to better regulate the desired pressure applied to the shaft.

A210020 Value Shaft Extractor

USD $78.4

A value shaft extractor made for the hobbyists who want to equip their garage corner with basic club-making tools. The extractor is held in a vise with the shaft clamped between the reinforced rubber jaws while heat is applied along and around the hosel. Ratcheting the long bolt pushes the head out leaving the shaft intact. This extractor is good for about 200 extractions.

A190300 Hosel Cleaning Wire Brush Set (woods and irons)

USD $11.55

Super-hard stainless steel wire brush. Perfect for the removal of hardened glue and residue from inside the hosel of club-heads. The wire brush features a short, stiff stem and a diameter optimized to prevent the strands from collapsing.

A210011 DIY Economy Shaft Extractor

USD $36

The shaft extractor designed specifically for the DIY clubmaker. Design uses a reverse thrust extractor bolt with 700 lbs of pulling power. Works with any bench vise and is fitted with a rubber clamp to prevent damaging the shaft.

A210300 Shaft pry bar

USD $28.5

“Old school” 15” pry bar used for pushing clubheads off steel and graphite shafts once the hosel has been thoroughly heated. Also handy for shafts and mandrels that get stuck in the hosel. This prey bar is sized for woods and irons and is best used with our protective collars.

A210101 Shaft Adapters Extraction bolt kit

USD $8.3

A selection of assorted screws that thread into OEM shaft adapters so that they can be safely removed quickly! The kit eliminates the need to clamp the adapter to be extracted in a vise or shaft puller as improper clamping may cause the adapter to crack or go out of round rendering it structurally useless for re-installation on a new shaft.

A210240 Shaft Extractor Ferrule Splitter

USD $6.9

The GolfMechanix Shaft Extractor Ferrule Splitter is made of hardened steel. A great time-saving device when working with any of the 21-series shaft extractors. Whether a graphite or steel shaft, a wood, hybrid, or iron head, this device is right for the job.

A210310 Mr. T Graphite Shaft Tip Extractor

USD $12.4

The Mr. T Graphite Shaft Tip Extractor is a handy little tool that saves a lot of time and frustration when dealing with broken shaft tips! Simply cut off the splintered portion of the broken shaft still embedded into the clubhead, then screw Mr. T into the bore of the broken shaft tip until it bottoms out.

A210200-00 Hosel Lip Protectors

USD $0

Recommended for use with all shaft extraction tools and devices for all shop types and sizes. The protectors are designed to minimize nicks, scratches, and blemishes to the hosel during the shaft extraction process. They come in handy when working with aluminum and other various types of metal hosels, both for woods and irons. Included in the package are three wood and three iron hosel protector collars. Please click options to select type.

A210230 Ferrule Extraction Spacer kit

USD $13.8

This is an essential re-shafting tool for Callaway and Ping clubheads. The ferrule shield protects and cools the proprietary ferrule while the head is being heated. The ferrule shield also provides a shoulder on which to push against. Click options for spacer only.