A290100 Graphite Shaft Extender

USD $2.20

The Universal Shaft Extender is suitable for steel and graphite shafts with an internal diameter in the range of 0.475 to 0.585 inches. The extender is made of a carbon composite plastic stronger than steel. This extender is conveniently marked at 0.5 inch intervals. The rings act as a saw blade guide and allow for a clean square cut to be made.

A290110 Graphite Shaft Extender Standard

USD $1.50

These extenders for standard graphite shafts will lengthen virtually any golf club. Simply apply epoxy, slide the extender into the shaft butt, allow the epoxy to cure, and cut to length. Great for salvaging shafts trimmed by mistake!

A290130 Aluminum Shaft Extender

USD $1

The GOLFMECHANIX Aluminum Shaft Extenders for steel shafts are a major improvement over the double ended extenders commonly found in the trade. Weighing under 11 grams, our 3" long (75 mm) extenders, are lighter and straighter, and feature an improved insertion bit 3/4" long (35 mm) which requires very little adjustment for a tight and secure fit. For both steel and graphite shafts.

A290140 Premium Chromalloy Double Ended Shaft Extenders

USD $2

These Steel Shaft Extenders are produced from the same chrome-alloys as steel shafts, conferring to the extenders the fit and consistency of a like to like coupling. The extenders are 12" long with an 8 1/2" parallel mid sections that when cut in the middle create two 4 1/4" extensions. Each section has a swagged tapered end 1"5/8 long that fits perfectly inside the shaft. The extenders are chrome plated.

290140-SS56 Double ended Steel extenders for Steel shaft .560 butt
290140-SS58 Double ended Steel extenders for Steel shaft .580 butt
290140-SS60 Double ended Steel extenders for Steel shaft .600 butt
290140-SS62 Double ended Steel extenders for Steel shaft .620 butt

A290200 Active vibration dampener - Pack of 6pcs

USD $9.50

The shaft vibration dampener is designed to work with most steel golf shafts. The dampener dissipates negative vibrations traveling along the shaft's walls from the tip upward towards the golfer's hands.

A290360-1 Bendable Double Bend Putter Hosel Adapter 70 lie 8 Loft 12 Offset

USD $5

Customize your putter heads with a double bend for face balanced putters. This is an aluminum grade bendable hosel ADAPTER and comes in a shaft over hosel design.