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Founder Ed Mitchell, PGA, who has a lifelong background in golf, starting as an eleven-year old caddy at the Country Club of Jackson, MI and as a PGA club professional for 28 years in Michigan, Florida and Ohio. The company started in 1988 in Dayton OH manufacturing the Steelclub® Angle Machine that revolutionized custom club fitting and club making in the golf industry by accurately measuring and bending cast & forged irons, metal woods, hybrids and putters. Caster Concepts Incorporated is the owner of Mitchell Golf Equipment, having purchased the company in December 2016. Mitchell Golf manufactures a complete line of proprietary designed club repair tools including the golf industry’s professional grade measuring and bending angle machines under the brand names of Steelclub and TourGauge. These machines have been #1 in repair vans on all PGA & LPGA tours worldwide for 29 consecutive years.

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