Fujikura Speeder Line


A swing like Air, to you.

In order to lead the balance of "bending" "twist" "crushing" strength more and more to the best optimum balance in the lightweight shaft, design the shaft configuration from zero base.
"Light weight shaft" for senior and female golfers is completed.
To you, swinging supple, speedy like integrating with the golfer's body.

Development concept

Fujikura Shaft has mass-produced lightweight shafts with high technical force and quality control by Japan production, and has accumulated sales results. Since MTR-VC 3.0 released in 2009, we have also developed further lightweight shafts for golfers who are not powerful for seniors and women. We pursued lightweight design thoroughly, succeeded in developing the lightest shaft "Air Speeder" in the history of Fujikura.
The Fujikura shaft, which uses the shaft of the shaft brand as the backbone of "FIT ON. ~ For each player, the best-fit shaft" is to provide golfers with many choices by providing golf shafts in areas not on the market I think that it is necessary.

Air Speeder Technology

Air Speeder

The shaft strength of conventional lightweight items was not the best balance of bending, twisting and crush strength. This time we optimized thoroughly and designed the shaft configuration on a zero basis. We achieved the world's lightest weight (paint-free weight 31.0 g) due to the laminated structure of each layer of hoop layer, bias layer and straight layer and composite of advanced materials.

Air Speeder is designed to have a smooth rigidity distribution from hand to distal end and a narrower outer diameter on the proximal side so that the burden of turning back is less for a low head speed golfer and he / she feels improper. I will.

1. Weight ratio of hoop layer UP, hoop layer suppressing crushing of multi-ply lamination is indispensable for thin lightweight shaft. By increasing the weight ratio of the hoop layer and laminating it to the inner layer of the shaft and the outer layer more than before, the strength of crushing and bending was improved.

2. Application of Straight Layered Nano Alloy Technology Combines Toray Nano Alloy Technology for the straight layer that affects bending strength. It achieved about 5% increase in bending strength and durability improvement.

High torque design tailored

By reviewing the shaft composition, the ratio of the hoop layer and the straight layer increased, and the torque value became 9.8 degrees as the ratio of the bias layer decreased. As a result of analyzing the head behavior at ball impact due to the difference in torque value by swing simulation, it was confirmed that there is no difference in head behavior due to the difference in torque value in the range from impact to the separation of the ball. Moreover, it confirmed that there is no difference in comparison between MTR - VC 3.0 (torque value 6.4 degrees) and off center hit in the robot test.


2018 Graphics

2018 Air Speeder Driver
2018 Air Speeder Fairway
2018 Air Speeder Utility
2018 Air Speeder Iron
2018 Air Speeder back

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Air Speeder
Air Speeder
Air Speeder
Air Speeder

Air Speeder Technical Specs
Low                        Med                       High
Fade                     Straight                  Draw
Control                                           Distance
Model Product length
Torque Tip diameter
Butt diameter
Condition Curvature distribution
AIRSPD 46.0 33.0 9.8 0.335 0.587 Before AIRSPD
AIRSPD FW 43.0 38.5 6.4 0.335 0.510 Before AIRSPD
AIRSPD UT 41.0 39.5 5.8 0.350 0.587 Before AIRSPD

~ 35.5

38.0 4.8 0.370 0.583 Before AIRSPD

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