Combining metal plus a sense of stability on the play of "EVO"

The biggest feature is that I adopted Fujikura's proprietary technology "MCT ®" which composes metals that are also adopted in "MCI" under the grip. By giving a heavy weight to the hand side, we restrained the movement of hands floating during the swing. Impact allows you to push the ball long, making it easy to realize a thick hit. In addition, by using metal on the grip side, feeling a bend in the middle part, the timing is easy to take. Of course, we adopt super high elasticity 90 t carbon and "T 1100 G" made by Toray Industries, Inc., following the EVO "playing genes".

Speeder EVO

MCT ® (Metal Composite Technology)

By adopting "MCT" under the grip, it is easier to make a tame by turning back from the top and suppress hand floating in the impact zone. Realized a firm impact on speed.

What is MCT®

Center of gravity adjustment technology to maximize the design freedom of carbon. With Fujikura Shaft's unique latest technology, it is possible to combine carbon and metal.
* MCT® is a registered trademark of Fujikura Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

Ultra high elasticity 90 t carbon

In order to achieve both the high operability during swing and the strong impact impact, we adopted the hardest "90 t carbon" in the world. Instead of a mid-tone shaft that is easy to swing, instead of replacing the overwhelming strength of the impact with the high initial ball speed, it achieves high flight distance performance.


Toray new material "T1100G"

Toray adopted "T1100G" high elasticity and high strength carbon fiber developed using matrix resin technology that is compatible with elasticity. Toray's "T1100G" combination realizes acceleration feeling and maximization of playing.


Fujikura Evo II 474
Fujikura Evo II 569
Fujikura Evo II 661
Fujikura Evo II 757
Fujikura Evo II

Speeder EVOLUTION II Technical Specs
Low                        Med                       High
Fade                     Straight                  Draw
Control                                           Distance
Model Flex Product length
Torque Tip diameter
Butt diameter
Condition Curvature distribution
SPD 474 EVO II R2 47.0 49.5 5.1 0.335 0.588 During ~ Evo2 474
R 49.5 0.590
SR 51.0 0.592
S 52.5 0.594
SPD 569 EVO II R 56.5 4.2 0.592 Evo2 569
SR 58.5 0.594
S 59.5 0.596
X 61.0 0.598
SPD 661 EVO II SR 67.5 3.8 0.596 Evo2 661
S 69.0 0.598
X 70.5 0.600
SPD 757 EVO II S 77.0 3.2 0.602 Evo2 757
X 78.5 0.604

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