The Speeder Evolution V, is developed with the most advanced technologies in the graphite shaft industry. The EVO V brings a higher launch profile to the prestigious family.

The materials and engineering processes that make up the V are more advanced than any Speeder that came before. New technologies include a new High-strength intermediate modulus (IM) material, for lightweight stability and a new “Engineered Outer Bias Technology” that creates smoother loading feel. Technologies that carry over from previous Evolution shafts include MCT (Metal Composite Technology), 90 Ton Carbon Fiber for ultra-lightweight stability and Maximum Carbon Fiber Content (MCFC) pre-preg material.

90ton Carbon Sheet

Utilizing the worlds stiffest “90 ton Carbon Sheet” and “T1100G” as same with EVOLUTION III. Both 90 ton Carbon Sheet and T1100G promote increased ball speed and swing acceleration.

Toray's new material [T1100G]

Fujikura integrated the newly developed T1100G material created by Toray’s Matrix Resin Technology. This particular Carbon Fiber has both a high intensity and high elasticity to maximize your swings acceleration and impact power.

Metal Composite Technology [MCT]

With the adoption of the Metal Composite Technology (MCT) below the grip position, it is easier to maximize power on the downswing. it also allows the golfer to keep the hands closer to the body during the swing which helps achieve transfer of power at impact.

Metal Composite Technology (MCT) is the latest CG Improvement by Fujikura which joins Composite Carbon with an array of metals. With this technology it allows us to maximize our design portfolio.


By moving the bias layer in between the layers of straight-aligned material, it provides for a much smoother loading and feel of the shaft.

Low-Resin Carbon sheet RC20 Prepreg

Laminated in the entire length of the shaft. It helps to reduce unnecessary movement of shaft and provide more smooth bending. ※volume(%) occupied by resin per mass unit

Speeder EVOLUTION V Technical Specs
Low                        Med                       High
Fade                     Straight                  Draw
Control                                           Distance
Model Flex Product length
Torque Tip diameter
Butt diameter
Kick Point Curvature distribution
SPD 474 EVO V R2 47.0 48.5 4.7 0.335 0.598 Mid-High
R 50.0 0.600
SR 51.5 0.602
S 53.0 0.604
SPD 569 EVO V R 56.5 4.5 0.598
SR 58.0 0.600
S 59.5 0.602
X 61.0 0.604
SPD 661 EVO V SR 64.0 3.7 0.598
S 66.0 0.600
X 68.0 0.602
SPD 757 EVO V S 75.5 3.0 0.604
X 77.5 0.606

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