Fujikura Zero Speeder


To the other side of "Air"

Air Speeder" designed by sticking to weight reduction while following the sense of crispness of 'Speeder' is a model that achieved 33 g of shaft weight. "Ahead of" Air "aim, further pursue lightness and strength. 29.5 g (46.0 in, after painting) realized the lightest shaft ever in history. We are proud that Fujikura has high quality and manufacturing technology that Fujikura is proud of worldwide in the background of succeeding in the development of a shaft of 20 g in view of mass production, I do not feel the lightness of 20 g and the unreliability "ZERO Speeder" which fuses "supple" and "powerful" should be able to break the flying distance.

Background of development

"Air Speeder" released in March 2014 gained an evaluation of the market which greatly exceeded the expectation, due to the high lightweight needs and the wide area of the target. In addition, in April 2015, as a "Air Speeder Family" full lineup from driver to iron, throughout the club setting, many people are experiencing improvement of distance performance by weight reduction.
Fujikura has continued research aiming at light weight even after "Air Speeder" is released. And this time, we further advanced the weight reduction technology of "Air Speeder", succeeded in developing the world's lightest 20 g base shaft "ZERO Speeder".

Zero Speeder

Efforts to achieve 20 g (after coating / 46 inch)

In order to achieve the acceleration of the head speed and the strong impact while maintaining the strength, we aimed at the weight of 20 g after painting, we first conducted strength analysis of every shaft by computer simulation.
As a result, we found two essential factors to achieve weight saving and strong impact.

  • 1) Adjust the wall thickness at the tip and set the bending rigidity low in order to give a sense of acceleration
  • 2) Optimize the angular composition ratio of the carbon sheet so that the force can be transmitted efficiently by the impact in order to realize the optimum wall thickness Developed a special mandrel. Fujikura made it a new shape and flexural rigidity that realizes lightness while maintaining strength. At the same time, we reconsidered the angular composition of the carbon sheet, and even at the level of 20 g, they set the ratio to be a strong impact and strong impact. With these two, it has become possible to improve the flight distance performance which seemingly contradictory, that is, weight saving and realizing a strong impact.
    "ZERO Speeder" is a model of Fujikura shaft quality, which can be said to be a crystal of attitude towards manufacturing with high technical expertise proud of worldwide, at the Haramachi factory who manufactures it.


    Recruitment technology

    1. Multifoop ply lamination
    Adopted "multi-hoop ply lamination" which is a new lamination method of hoop layer, bias layer, straight layer. Particularly suppressing hoop layer collapse, by a two-lens structure to be laminated to respective shafts inner and outer layers, it has achieved improvement in strength of the bending collapse.

    2. High torque design
    Continue to adopt high torque design adopted also in "Air Speeder". "ZERO Speeder" is designed to have a torque of 10.8 degrees. If you look at the numbers only, but there is in the design of loosening when compared to conventional products of the shaft, suppleness does not feel the unreliability, there is strength.

    Zero Speeder

    Also reviewed cosmetics to realize 20 g after painting

    The painting process was completely reexamined so that the weight after painting can be within the 20 g range. In terms of paint volume, "Air Speeder" was about 1.5 g, while "ZERO Speeder" was about 0.8 g. We succeeded in reducing about 0.7 g.
    The design expresses the lightness like the supple and the wind so that a feeling of lighter weight is felt. "E" of "ZERO" has a motif of feathers.



    Zero Speeder Technical Specs

    Model Product length
    Torque Tip diameter
    Butt diameter
    Condition Curvature distribution curve
    46.0 29.5 10.8 0.335 0.574 Before Zero Speeder

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