Over 100 Years of Experience

Together, Golf Shafts Asia, Golf Shafts America, Golf Shafts Australia and Golf Shafts Asia (Thailand) has over 100 years of experience in the golf industry in almost every aspect including golf retail, distribution, club fitting, club making, instruction, facility management and e-commerce. We are one of the fastest growing golf companies in Asia always looking for talented, self-driven and ambitious golfers so if you’re interested in working for Golf Shafts Asia, get in touch with us now!

Tony Huxtable


Tony’s relaxed leadership style, creative outlook and focus on positive collaboration are just a few reasons why Golf Shafts Asia has become one of Asia’s most successful golf businesses. His unparalleled work ethic, drive and determination to help not just his own business, but those around him, make him one of the most respected entrepreneurs in any industry.

Giow Huxtable

Managing Director

Jack had Barbara, Arnie had Winnie, Tiger had…um..let’s not go there..! Behind every great man in golf and business, there is a great woman. Giow keeps everything behind the scenes operating as smooth as Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, which is also somewhat ironic because there’s not a person on this earth more grounded than Giow. Her only fault is that she can be easily bribed with chocolate!

Mandy Chan


Mandy leads the creative team at Golf Shafts Asia which also happens to double as the do-pretty-much-anything team including marketing, CRM, website design, content creation, data entry, e-commerce and well, pretty much anything. Bean bags, decompression pods and bring your dog to work days were offered, but these were shunned in favour of finishing off eBay listings!

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