Over 100 Years of Experience

Together, Golf Shafts Asia, Golf Shafts America, Golf Shafts Australia and Golf Shafts Asia (Thailand) has over 100 years of experience in the golf industry in almost every aspect including golf retail, distribution, club fitting, club making, instruction, facility management and e-commerce. We are one of the fastest growing golf companies in Asia always looking for talented, self-driven and ambitious golfers so if you’re interested in working for Golf Shafts Asia, get in touch with us now!


Accounting Manager/HR

Thinks she will one day calculate Pi to more than 31 trillion digits and thought seriously about officially changing her name to 3.14. Settled for a personalised license plate that reads “GSA CPA”.


Accounting & Sales

Currently considering getting a 1984 Casio Calculator Watch Tattooed on her wrist. Does Gangnam Style when we receive stock and is asked to calculate the net profit of each item.


International Sales

Currently auditioning for the sequel to “Wonder Woman” titled “Wonder Woman – Adventures in International Golf Component Sales”. Apparently is a shoe-in for the lead role.



After discovering flying on a bike wasn’t all it cracked up to be, ET phoned home but dialed the wrong number and got Golf Shafts Asia. The rest is history…


Accountant & Sales

Has had an imaginary friend named Pythagoras since age 2. Set him free during her teenage years but he came back and they’ve been inseparable ever since.


Operations & Sales

Enjoys Hermit Crab racing, the Japanese underground thrash metal scene, graffiti, and was once given a warning for flicking the bird to Ronald McDonald.



Hobbies include barcoding her personal possessions, labelling each item on her dinner plate and taking late night strolls to ensure the local 7-Eleven has maximised shelf space.


Warehouse Guru

Wishes there was a game show called “Name That SKU” in which he can recite all 4,500 SKU’s just by looking at the product.


Warehouse Wonder

Faces an inner battle on whether or not to audition for Malaysia’s Got Talent and show the audience the ancient art of inventory control.


Graphic Design & Marketing

Dreams about getting his name on the list of credits that displays when you open Photoshop. This silky smooth cat is Ipoh’s answer to Justin Timberlake.


Graphic Design & Marketing

Was close to getting expelled in Kindergarten for photoshopping her teachers head onto the body of a horse. Saved by the fact the teacher loved unicorns.

Mandy Chan

Creative Director

Will probably end up with grey hairs sooner rather than later because she constantly gets hounded to get things done. Ironically, her full name is “Mandy Gets Things Done Chan”.

Tony Huxtable


Tony’s relaxed leadership style, creative outlook and focus on positive collaboration are just a few reasons why Golf Shafts Asia has become one of Asia’s most successful golf businesses. His unparalleled work ethic, drive and determination to help not just his own business, but those around him, make him one of the most respected entrepreneurs in any industry.

Giow Huxtable

Managing Director

Jack had Barbara, Arnie had Winnie, Tiger had…um..let’s not go there..! Behind every great man in golf and business, there is a great woman. Giow keeps everything behind the scenes operating as smooth as Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, which is also somewhat ironic because there’s not a person on this earth more grounded than Giow. Her only fault is that she can be easily bribed with chocolate!

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