THE 2019 Swing Caddie SC300 golf launch monitor from Voice Caddie, the latest addition of portable launch monitors, is now available on the local market.

The Swing Caddie SC300 is packed with functionality and designed for golfers to make their practice sessions a lot more meaningful.

The Swing Caddie SC300 comes with several features and modes, including a Barometric Pressure Calibration. Here it uses a built-in barometric pressure sensor to calibrate the most accurate readings possible.

The Bluetooth and free app allows for the Swing Caddie SC300 to connect to your smart phone or tablet and to track real-time and integrated data. It is compatible with Android.

The Swing Caddie also stores the stats for each club, detailing an average carry as well as total distance, speed, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor, apex and launch angle. The overall stats are based on the last 100 shots.

The device also comes with a Ball Speed and Smash Factor. The club head speed and ball speed are used to determine the smash factor. You can choose to display the ball speed, smash factor or both with a click of the remote.

The remote control is small and light enough to keep in your pocket and allows you to adjust your settings without having to take a step or bend down.

When in Target mode the Swing Caddie lets you set a target distance between 15 and 195 yards in five-yard increments to challenge your consistency. And, you will also be able to see how close to your target you were after each shot.

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