The SINK Fit Deep-V Series (Standard and Midsize) are the first and only putter technology grips engineered with a thin proprietary microlight compound under listing.  Complemented with a Fingerprint Technology sleeve made from Lamkin’s Genesis Material, the grips offer the feel, traction and durability of rubber, while providing the lightweight characteristics of under listing grips with polyurethane sleeves. It is a great choice for players looking for lighter weight grips but dissatisfied with the quick tack and appearance degradation grips with polyurethane.

The Deep-V grips are a great addition to Lamkin pioneering Putter Grip Fitting System as options for golfers with an arc or inside-to-straight putting strokes. They are also a perfect fit for players utilizing  traditional overlap, reverse overlap and cross-handed putting styles providing the most secure grip connection possible for fluid strokes. With properly fitted putter grips golfers sink more putts.

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