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Perfect for players seeking a grip that provides excellent all-around performance in a smoother, tackier, and more tactile feel, the ST+ 2 Hybrid Calibrate features a variety of breakthrough technologies designed to provide maximum playability and performance. While the Calibrate Technology reminder encourages consistent hand placement for better control, the all new “Smooth Tack” Genesis Material incorporated into two distinct zones to provide more traction in the upper hand and soft tactile feel in the lower for incredible performance.

Smooth Tack (ST) Genesis Material provides a great feeling tacky surface that is long-lasting, comfortable and far more resistant to degradation than than standard rubber compounds. The ST Hybrid maintains its characteristics in all weather conditions and exposure to UV rays for a longer lifespan.

Infused Cord in the upper zone blends with Lamkin’s new ST Genesis Material to give the anchoring hand first-class traction regardless of weather conditions to offer maximum control without the abrasive feel sometimes associated with cord.

The grip’s hybrid lower section capitalizes on a smoother, tackier treatment further accentuated by the slightly larger plus 2 design design profile to provide the guiding hand a comfortable, tactile feel with excellent durability.

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