STM Grips

Offering the ultimate performance grip with uncompromising manufacturing.
That is the STM policy.

A twist-free, soft grip realized by a two-color molding structure with different hardness.
What is required of a grip is that it has a good fit and is not slippery (no twist). However, when a fit is required, the torsion (torque) at impact increases, resulting in poor directionality. Also, if the emphasis is on reducing torsion, the fit will be poor.

In order to overcome this contradictory challenge, STM has created a unique technology, “two-color molded structure with different hardness”.
For example, the grip that combines the two good points at a high level is now completed, with the good feel of the rubber grip and the lack of twisting of the resin grip.

Working on seemingly impossible technologies without compromise.
We hope that the grip created by STM will be the best partner for all golfers who challenge the best score.